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Garage Doors: Safety Features



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Garage Door Safety Features

Since 1990, an average of 20,000 people each year have been treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to garage doors.

Source: U. S. Consumer Products Safety Commission

Sears Garage Door Technical & Safety Features

Sears Garage Doors are not only built to deliver superior performance and designed to last, our garage doors are built with the safety of you and your family in mind. Sears is the name trusted by families for over 100 years and that is serious business. Garage Doors are America’s new “front door”. Your garage door helps protect your home & family from intruders and protects your valuables from theft. A Sears Garage Door will not only give you the look and style to perfectly match your home but also peace of mind that you have made a valuable investment in the safety of your home & family

Steel Garage Door Sections

Sears steel garage doors are built with high quality components and heavy-duty steel. Most of our steel garage doors are designed with the Sears TruSafe garage door safety system that enhances overall safety for the homeowner.

Available for Sears 1000, 2000, 3000, garage door models.

Pinch Protection Garage Door Sections

All Garage Doors consist of sections that are connected together to create a complete garage door. The steel section interfaces in our 1000, 2000 and 3000 garage door models are designed to reduce the risk of serious hand and finger injuries.

Patented Garage Door End Hinge

Made of durable 14 gauge galvanized steel to extend the life of the product and designed to reduce the risk of serious hand & finger injuries.

Available for Sears 1000, 2000, 3000, garage door models.

Garage Door Bottom Bracket

New Tamper Resistant safety bottom bracket helps prevent accidental removal of fasteners that are under tension; yet allows for garage door roller maintenance/change without disassembly. Full length roller tube prevents slip outs.

Garage Door Center Hinges

Flush mount inboard design, 14-gauge steel center hinges on our steel garage doors provide a clean looking low profile & clean-finished interior look. The functionality of the center hinges allows the Sears Garage Door pinch protection sections to work together in helping reduce the risk of serious hand & finger injuries.

Garage Door Safety

Door springs, cables and hardware are under extreme tension and could cause serious injury or damage. For this reason, only qualified technicians should adjust or replace them. Call Your Local Sears Garage Door Solutions Office Today! Emergency Garage Door Repair Services Available in Most Areas!


Sears garage doors are equipped with top-quality hardware such as this extra quiet 10-ball nylon roller to ensure smooth operation of your garage door, with minimal lubrication. All garage door hardware is galvanized to resist rust and provide years of low-maintenance garage door operation.