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Craftsman Smart Control Belt Drive Opener with Battery Back-Up (#54931)



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  • 1 1/4 HPS* DC Motor with DieHard Battery Back-up
  • Smooth, Ultra-Quiet performance with steel reinforced belt
  • LCD Smart Motion Detecting Control Console shows time, temperature, and opener diagnostic functions
  • DieHard Battery Back-up operates garage door opener even when the power goes out
  • Smart Control Complete: Includes everything you need to connect!
  • Twin Panel Lighting, Safety Sensors, Wireless Keypad, Auto Force, Electronic Limits, Low-Power Consumption
  • Warranty

Craftsman Smart Control Garage Door Opener: Safe, Secure, Internet Connected – No Annual Fees and Free App Download!

Technical Specifications

DC Motor with Soft Start-Stop

  • Provides smooth, ultra quiet operation of the opener. Ideal for garages with living areas nearby.
Belt Drive
  • The belt is steel reinforced and manufactured like a steel belted tire with braided steel cables to insure years of dependable, quiet performance.
Craftsman Smart Control Internet Gateway
  • Allows you to monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere with your internet-enabled smartphone, cell phone, laptop, or tablet via the Craftsman Smart Control mobile app or web-interface.
  • Perfect for those times when you are away from home and can’t remember if you have closed your garage door.
  • Allows you to provide access to your home (via garage door) as needed for family, friends, deliveries, etc. when you aren’t at home.
DieHard® Battery Backup
  • Battery backup systems provides up to 20 open/close cycles in the first 24 hours of a power outage.
  • Always charged to allow door control, safety sensors, and remotes to operate on stored power.
  • Great for homes where the garage service door is the primary entry to the home.
LCD Smart Motion Detecting Wall Console
  • Operates the opener from inside the garage.
  • Shows time, temperature, and opener diagnostic functions.
  • Allows for easy programming of remotes, keypads, and light and lock setting through an easy menu system.
  • Turns on the opener lights when movement is sensed.
  • This feature (built into the wall console) may be quickly programmed to automatically close the garage door after 1, 5, or 10 minutes or you can create a custom setting up to 99 minutes.
  • Ensures the highest level of safety, the garage door opener lights will flash and a warning alarm will sound when closing the door through the Smart Control Gateway or the Timer-to-Close feature alerting anyone in the area is notified that the door is closing.
Tri-Frequency Radio System
  • Multiple frequency system virtually eliminates the effects of interference caused by products in and around the home, helping to make sure you can access the garage every time and from the greatest distance.
Energy Efficient
  • Automatic sleep mode uses less than one (1) watt of power when the opener is not in use making the unit more environmentally friendly.
Automatic Force Settings
  • The opener automatically monitors, sets and adjusts (as needed) the force required to open and close the garage door during temperature fluctuations.
Push Button Electronic Limits
  • Easier than old-style screw terminals for setting the optimal open or close travel distance of your garage door.
MyQ™ Technology Compatible
  • This unit is compatible with other home activation products enabled with MyQ technology.
HomeLink® Compatible
  • Compatible with the in-vehicle remote control system (may require an external adapter depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle; visit www.homelink.com for additional information).
Quick Install Rail System
  • Provides faster and easier installation. The rail assembles in 60 seconds.
Protector System®
  • Safety reversing sensors with Rapid-Snap® brackets project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down.
  • Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object.
PosiLock® System
  • Theft protection system securely locks door when it is down preventing intruders from entering garage.
Anti-burglary Coding Technology
  • Assures that a new code is sent every time the remote control is used.
Included in the Box
  • Power unit, wall console, battery backup unit, safety sensors, rail, hardware, owner’s manual.
  • Two (2) 3-function remotes, perfect for multi-car families.
  • One (1) Wireless keyless entry pad, allows entry into garage without a key or remote using a secure 4-digit programmable PIN. Includes the convenient one button to close feature.
  • Smart Control Gateway.
Additional Specifications
  • Professional installation available
  • Extension kits to complete installation for 8’ (9-53728) and 10’ (9-53729) doors are available
  • 10-year Limited Motor Warranty, 3-year Limited Parts Warranty

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